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This form is for Discord Server Hub (http://discord.shoutwiki.com). Currently, responses are processed very slow, so be patient after submitting.
Do you accept that:
 - Answer every question with real answers?
 - No violating common Discord server rules?
 - No spamming? *

*We know that this form will be spammed, but please, you don't need to spam for this!
Your Discord Username? *

And your Date of Birth? *

Sorry {{answer_21939656}}, But we have to know your real birthday.
Give us an introduction of yourself. *

Do you have any experience about managing an online community, {{answer_21939656}}? *

What kind of server do you prefer to manage, {{answer_21939656}}?

Like: Minecraft, Halo, LGBT Community, etc. Make sure that you have professional skill in it.
How do you think about the Moderator role? *

If you, {{answer_21939656}}, have become a moderator, what will you do for the server you manage? *

Do you accept that:
 - Make any of your application material public?
 - Afford the risk of being spammed? *

Last question. If you do not accept, we'll make your information private and will not appear on our site.
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